Easy to install

Stabilisation grid EuroGravel

EuroGravel stabilisation grids are easy to install. The grids are easy to cut to size with a hand or electric saw. The grids can be placed without any additional actions. Different from other stabilisation systems, the Eurogravel grids have weed control membrane attached to the bottom. That will make the installing a lot easier!

Very strong and high load resistance

EuroGravel with strong polypropylene grids

The EuroGravel gravel stabilisation system can withstand very high loads and is therefore ideal for surfaces subjected to such high loads. A properly installed and stable foundation is very important in this regard. The research institute TNO did a test that proves the EuroGravel stabilisation grids can be loaded with very high loads. With a covering of 5-6cm of gravel the grids will be neatly covered and are invisible!

Rut-free gravel

EuroGravel grids filled with Ice blue chippings

EuroGravel stabilisation grids make it very easy to lay down a uniform and rut-free gravel surface. The result is an extremely stable and load-resistant surface that is not susceptible to deformation or rutting. The hexagonal cell structure of the stabilisation grid stabilizes the gravel, this creates a compact and stable gravel surface.